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Edirne Selimiye Mosque Ottoman Empire, the largest and most beautiful mosque built in time. Istanbul-Edirne from the highway after about 2.5 hours bus ride we reached the city of Edirne. In particular, the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is the highest hill in the city seems from every point of the city. Magnificent architecture of this building is a work of art. Is made with the classic architecture of the Ottoman Empire are very slim minarets and domes of 4 elegant and long. Here Uneso side is protected as a conservation area. Selimiye mosque in the vicinity are very beautiful flowers and trees in the garden adorned with istanbul tours , daily cappadocia tours  Edirne Selimiye Mosque is decorated with a wide range of made of marble courtyard and in the wide variety of colors and patterns pattern writing Iznik ceramics and hand motifs that God and the Prophet Muhammad by lines of calligraphy.


In Edirne has made numerous works during the Ottoman Empire and in one of them. The edge of the city of Edirne has Maritsa river and a stone bridge, built in time is very beautiful ottoman state on the Maritsa river. In the Maritsa river shores are many restaurants and tea gardens. Which is unique to the city of Edirne Edirne OldCity CLG Pan kebab restaurants and almonds which are very tasty confectionery delight selling sweets and pastry shops. Finally Eedirn the capital city of the Ottoman Empire has made this a very special city and the city of Edirne Sultan Murad 2nd time was 2 capital of the Ottoman Empire. Finally he made the capital of the conquering sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Istanbul Ottoman Empire in 1453. In town for a scholarship was established in 1299 by the Ottoman Sultan Osman giants.


Private tours in Istanbul weekend we attended istanbul island. We got to the ferry port and the kabatas here have made a very nice ferry ride lasted 1.5 hours. Our Journey There are many works made during cappadocia tours , private istanbul tours the Ottoman and Roman empires Eastern time. First, we have now in front of the Dolmabahce Palace and the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz built here and this is Istanbul's largest palace, had made the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid the opposite Beylerbeyi Palace and this is used as a summer palace. The girl had during our sea journey tower in the middle of the sea. Burgas had first island and this island is the smallest. Kinal had a very nice beach of the island and beaches. We had great island after island is heybeli. This is primarily a very wooded and forested place in and around the numerous fish restaurants and ate here very tasty.

Quite a large island and the island's history had occurred here is broad selling pastor who had a very delicious ice cream, and I prefer the strawberry and chocolate ice cream was delicious. All the islands are not allowed to use cars and motor vehicle transportation is done by just biking and horse-drawn carriages and coaches. Around the island I had a very nice sea and beaches. We also had a very nice bike paths, picnic areas on the island are private. The highest peak on the island and here we come had a very  nice view of the island and here we drank us turkish coffee and tea. The island is composed of two-storey pavilion made of bay Ottoman Empire architecture. In front of the mansion is decorated with many beautiful flowers and trees. Finally island walk in the street is very nice and it was very enjoyable. 1.5-hour ferry ride After we went to Istanbul OldCity located hotel.



We went to a very special boutique hotel is located in OldCity in Istanbul. We got up early and after breakfast we met a nice Hippodrome with our tour guide. Istanbul is a part of a part of the Asian continent is a very special city is the only city on the European continent and in the middle of the Bosphorus and the sea. Istanbul Eastern Roman since the time of Emperor Constantine to Istanbul ephesus tours was the capital of the world. Ottoman and made many eastern time the Roman Empire in Istanbul works are buildings and structures. The most beautiful of them in Istanbul Hagia Sophia first place had a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus. 531 In this time of King Justinian was built as the world's largest Orthodox church. 10,000 people work in a very short period of 5 years Istanbul Haqi Sophia is made. Istanbul Hagia Sophia Mosque was before and then serves as a museum is.


He conquering Sultan Mehmet Istanbul in 1453 and became the new capital of the Ottoman empire first in Istanbul. Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet was made very large renovation and restoration. Istanbul and Istanbul made huge walls around the city has been very sheltered. In addition to the Istanbul Hippdro
Istanbul had blue mosque. Sedefkar architect Mehmet Efendi built seven years and has made the biggest and most beautiful mosque in Istanbul. In 1699 the Ottoman This work is done in the name of Sultan Ahmet empire. in particular with blue Iznik tiles and  ephesus city tours , ephesus tours  calligraphy of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad by It is decorated. Istanbul Blue mosque wide variety of flowers made of marble with large courtyard an  a garden decorated with trees. Istanbul Blue Mosque 6 are very thin and tall minaret dome.

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